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Preparing for a Marathon, Not a Sprint—Increasing the Odds of Making M&As Successful

We all know the facts: A large number of mergers fail to deliver shareholder value and meet expectations. Recently though, the emerging research shines a clear light on the M&A secret sauce—the integration...

November 28, 2016

Work Tips: What Do Cold Weather and an Old Car Have to Offer to Introverts?

I’m from Chicago, where everyone knows we have notoriously cold winters. During one such winter—on those particularly frigid mornings—I sometimes drove to work with my parka zipped up for the first 15 miles while...

November 14, 2016

Clash of Cultures: A Challenge Few Businesses Have Solved

One of the most significant talent challenges of our time is the integration of new capabilities and diverse perspectives into an established company culture. Whether it is the entrepreneurial technologist we want...

October 19, 2016