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It is nearly impossible to escape from the unending stream of global unrest and financial upheaval. And yet, in extraordinary times people turn to their leaders for guidance and reassurance more than ever before... Read More

Research Study

In 2016, RHR International—in conjunction with the NYSE Governance Services—conducted a study to survey board directors and explore their renewal practices in more depth. This was follow-up to a 2014 study that... Read More

Case Study

A beauty company had the opportunity to purchase several product lines of a major consumer products conglomerate. The acquisition would consolidate its position as a global leader, but the available talent from... Read More

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Shortcuts can be so appealing. They promise an earlier arrival, reduced effort, or less expenditure for a similar outcome. We have all taken them at one point or another. And sometimes they seem to live up to... Read More

Blog Entry

This is a two-part series that looks at resilience on the job—why it is important and five ways to improve it.

Today’s volatile, complex, and ambiguous business environment places... Read More

Blog Entry

Psychological assessment is often the price of entry for today’s executive seeking a new position or leadership development opportunity. What once was taboo is now table stakes. The experience itself is a data-... Read More