Adam Magerman



Adam Magerman is a consultant at RHR International. He is instrumental in shaping the firm’s diversity and inclusion efforts, extending his near decade of organizational and cultural development experience to enterprises in the pursuit of creating equitable, diverse, and inclusive workspaces across industries.  

Exploring and unpacking bias through a psychological lens, Adam creates organizational diversity and inclusion practices and programs tailored specifically to leaders operating at the top of the house. His work includes diversity, inclusion, and belonging, executive coaching, leadership assessment and training, and content development. Employing powerful questioning and coaching, Adam illuminates mission-critical opportunities for change, growth, and development on both individual and organizational levels.

Adam strives every day to create safe and inclusive spaces within organizations. In all he does, he approaches his work with an activist’s mindset—a deep-rooted and driving motivation to inspire change at the individual level. This fundamental goal, coupled with his relentless pursuit of knowledge, enables him to be meticulous in driving results that positively impact leaders and, ultimately, entire organizations.  

Adam earned his Ph.D. in Social Psychology and Neuroscience from the University of Delaware. In addition to his consulting work, he teaches bias and bias awareness courses at Harvard University. He also serves as a professor at Saint Joseph’s University, teaching classes regarding leadership development, organizational research, identity, organizational diversity and inclusion practices. Adam worked in academia as a social neuroscientist and social psychologist for 10 years before moving to consulting work, studying how gender stereotypes impact women’s desires to become leaders, as well as their performance. He also has worked for Gestaltworks, a Pennsylvania-based firm focusing on business and executive coaching, strategic planning, team building and organization and leadership development.

When he’s not working, Adam is constantly cooking (lately he’s been pursuing the art of the perfect pizza), gardening, running, listening to music and reading. He lives in Philadelphia with his wife and two Boston terriers.