Sarah Gilbert

Director of Operations and IT


Sarah Gilbert is RHR International’s director of operations and IT and is leading the firm’s digital transformation and innovation. She is responsible for RHR’s U.S. and international operations support team, and she also serves as head of technology for the firm. She has extensive experience in project management as well as leadership and organizational development.

Sarah has built and evolved RHR’s operations team, which has included creating and redesigning teams, making process improvements, hiring staff, managing and improving the firm’s back office processes, and developing a more client-facing project coordinator team.  

As the firm’s IT leader, she has evolved and refreshed internal platforms, which has included creating consistency by moving to G Suite and Google, taking RHR into the cloud, using best-in-class SaaS tools, and enhancing RHR’s security practices and compliance.

As RHR’s digital leader, Sarah conceives, leads, and executes the firm’s digital and technology-driven innovation initiatives. Her focus is on defining a strategy and developing a roadmap to evolve RHR’s existing offerings by leveraging emerging technologies in the leadership development space that have the potential to disrupt how the firm delivers on client engagements.

Prior to joining RHR International, Sarah worked for the COO at OppenheimerFunds where she operated across the organization to develop medium- and long-term business and technology strategies. Prior to working with OppenheimerFunds, Sarah held roles as senior program manager, business process analyst, strategic account manager, information architect, and business reporter.

Sarah received a bachelor’s degree in neuroscience from Queen’s University in Ontario, Canada, and earned a master’s degree in journalism and mass communications from the University of Colorado at Boulder. She is currently enrolled in the executive MBA program at the University of Colorado at Denver. Sarah has a love of reading, writing, and the outdoors. She lives in Denver, Colorado, with her wife and two daughters.