The CEO as a Potential Risk Factor

“That's the biggest risk a board has—is if you pick the wrong CEO…”
Warren Buffett
May 3, 2021

Warren Buffett, legendary CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, knows a thing or two about what does and doesn’t make a business successful. He pulled no punches in May. In addition to sharing some of what Mr. Buffet believes are a firm’s biggest risk factors, let me highlight some thoughts of my own.

The 21st-Century Challenges Leaders Face: We Need a New Global Vision (Part 2)

As you may have already seen in my recent blog, leaders around the world are facing a long list of pressing global issues. We may have a view of what we want to be different and what we want to move away from, but to harness our energy, we will need to build a powerful and compelling shared vision for what’s next.

Accelerating Private Equity Board and Portfolio CEO Alignment

At RHR, we spend a lot of time working pre and post deal with PE firms and their portfolio companies. A critical factor in accelerating value creation is strong, enduring alignment between the PE board and portfolio CEO. We increasingly hear about the elements of surprise from both deal partners and CEOs in the first year of ownership as the board/management-team relationship unfolds. 

Why Leaders Avoid Giving Feedback

Imagine this: it’s time for your quarterly performance review. You’ve carved precious time out of your calendar to meet with your manager, gathered any questions you might have, and downed a gallon of coffee the day of. But after weeks of anticipation and mental preparation, all you’re told is:

“You’re doing a great job—keep it up!”

You’d hoped for actionable feedback, not a well-intended compliment. What gives?


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