Delivering Development in a Virtual World

COVID-19 has forced businesses to pause and ask what their customers need in this new environment and how to best deliver. New strategies beg for a different kind of talent and a redefining of roles and thus the need to breathe fresh air into the talent development frame and conversation. Leaders now need to make good on the promise of developing people for career and life success versus success in the siloed role they were hired for.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind?

Your Post-Crisis Board Evaluation

Boards of directors and management teams have been facing unprecedented challenges this year. First, they are navigating the global pandemic and economic crisis and its aftermath. COVID-19 has forced companies to quickly adapt and alter the way they go to market and serve their customers. Supply chains have been disrupted, customer interfaces have shifted, and consumer preferences and habits have changed as well.

The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Leader—Scaling Leadership in Real Time, Part 4

The previous article on the diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) leader examined the leadership impact that DEI leaders can have when it comes to Leading People. In this final blog post, RHR’s Readiness for ScaleSM model will be used to highlight competencies like Reasoning with Agility, Thriving in High Stakes, and Knowing Self.

Are You Evolving or Becoming Endangered?

From Myspace to Kodak to Blockbuster to taxi cabs, management textbooks are littered with examples of businesses that were blindsided by emerging trends. In many cases, they went from endangered to extinct in the blink of an eye. On the other end of the spectrum are companies that were able to anticipate a seismic shift on the horizon and evolve to capitalize on an industry-leading position.

RHR Takes Action Against Climate Change and Champions Strong Leadership

While the world’s scientists have known for decades that a warming planet will cause environmental degradation, social unrest, and economic losses, the world’s leaders have been slow to act. Now, we are seeing some of the most catastrophic consequences of inaction and industrial stagnation in the form of severe flooding, super storms, massive fires, unprecedented species extinction, and displacement of people and industry worldwide. 

Creating Sustainable Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging in Organizations

Over the last few months, many leaders and organizations have become increasingly aware that despite the best intentions, their efforts to address diversity, inclusion, and belonging (DI&B) have been insufficient. Recent events have awakened the urgency to do more, differently, and to challenge beliefs, assumptions, and behaviors rooted in layers on layers of systemic and structural racism. This is happening at a much broader level than ever before, and many organizations have been trying to understand how to address DI&B more deeply and more effectively.

The Whole Picture of Diversity in High-Performing Teams

You look around your table, pleased. Your senior team looks great. Lots of diversity there—not just in gender and ethnicity but also in background, viewpoint, and expertise. And you haven’t just made sure that your members are diverse; you’ve made it clear that everybody sitting at the table is part of the team and that they can make a valuable contribution.

You haven’t just checked the “diversity” and “inclusion” boxes. You understand the value of those elements in fostering a high-performing team.

So it’s all great, right?


Not necessarily.

CHROs Share Recent Lessons in Dealing with a Broader Set of Societal Challenges

RHR has continued to connect with chief human resources officers in virtual roundtables as they navigate through the challenges of the pandemic and the resulting impact on organizations and the economy. CHROs from various industries including retail, food manufacturing, luxury consumer goods, technology, and energy have participated in these roundtables. This current round of discussions revealed that in addition to the practical issues of dealing with uncertainty and the way forward, CHROs are now facing a broader set of challenging societal questions.


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