Follow the Leaders

In looking at executives, RHR recognizes that there are indicators 10–15 years in advance that point to who is most likely to rise to the top and why. Whether your goal is to build a bench of talent for a specific role or to build broader capabilities across a range of leaders, Readiness for Scale℠ can help assess and develop the abilities your organization will need them to deliver.


What Makes a Great Leader?

Redefining what makes someone a leader is the core of what scaling is all about. Successful candidates need to understand that their time, attention, and focus have to shift in new and different ways. In our assessment and development work with high-potential executives, RHR applies its unique insights into the why of an individual’s behavior to target three core areas of scale:

  • Leading Business—Integrating complex internal and external factors to make decisions in the best long-term interests of the enterprise
  • Leading People—Leading increasingly diverse and dispersed constituents in high-stakes environments
  • Leading Self—Demonstrating the motivation, agility, and personal maturity to adapt to high-pressure, constantly shifting leadership demands

The high-potential executive who can master these core capabilities is well positioned to lead at an enterprise level. However, the ultimate winners will be the companies that have the vision for leadership and the will to execute on it.

Why Readiness for Scale?

Readiness for Scale is RHR’s assessment approach, and it uses its Executive Bench® research process to develop scalable leaders in a systematic and reliable manner. It is targeted at that critical pivot point when many senior executives fail to make shifts required to successfully lead at the highest levels. By identifying high-potential senior executives early on, we can help them to develop the key competencies and behaviors that differentiate C-suite leaders and, in the process, provide you with a strong pipeline of talent for the future.

To learn more about RHR's Readiness for Scale, please contact Jessica Bigazzi Foster at or call +1 404 870 9160.