Creating a Baseline for Transformational Change

Creating an effective operating culture is often the biggest challenge leaders face. Whether they are driving transformational change, accelerating post-M&A integration or managing a turnaround, leaders need to understand “how things get done” in their organization and what are the biggest barriers to success. RHR’s Operating Culture Survey helps leaders identify the strengths and weaknesses in their operating culture, and develop powerful interventions that drive business results.

The Operating Culture Survey is a comprehensive research instrument of approximately 90 questions, answered by the enterprise’s leaders, that replaces foggy assumptions with a precise picture of crucial capabilities.


The resulting report provides statistical summaries, thoughtful analysis, and practical suggestions addressing your power to:

  • Create: Engage the marketplace, responding with relevant products or services, innovating for anticipated needs.
  • Shape: Develop effective plans and strategies to meet defined goals.
  • Deliver: Manage metrics, resources, and policies to execute strategies, fulfill plans, and achieve objectives.
  • Grow: Expand enterprise capacity for meeting short-term goals while sustaining the flexibility to adapt, change and grow over the longterm.

In one comprehensive report, the Operating Culture Survey gives you the foreground knowledge you need to build a work environment consistent with your organization’s values and aligned to its shared goals.

Where is The Treasure—And Where Are The Traps?

What cannot be seen cannot be managed. The Operating Culture Survey sheds light in the shadows, uncovering hidden strengths you can apply to your advantage—and exposing potential problems before they become pitfalls.

The Survey probes areas such as:

  • How well do you really know your customers—and how realistic are your market assumptions?
  • What’s your capacity for innovation—and how quickly can you move from ideas into action?
  • Are your LOBs, functions, and leadership teams aligned to common interests and objectives?
  • Can your teams communicate, coordinate and collaborate effectively and consistently?
  • How quickly can your organization adapt to changing market environments and customer needs?
  • Is your overall operating culture aligned with your objectives and your values?

Excellent Outcomes Depend on Great Beginnings

When executing a new strategy, leading change is critical.  Effective change leadership always depends on one common foundation: deep and accurate insight into your current operating culture. Change begins with understanding: optimize your effectiveness by starting with the Operating Culture Survey. The survey is not only a rapid, cost-effective way to enter the change management waters—it is an instrument that helps you navigate the most difficult straits and find the best currents for your ultimate destination: sustained operational success.

To learn more about RHR's Operating Culture Survey, please contact David Astornio at or call +1 215 564 1442.