What’s Working? What Isn’t?

High-performing teams are the most important lever a senior executive has to powerfully impact business performance. Competing agendas, vague purpose, misdirected focus, and uninspired engagement are all obstacles to team effectiveness—obstacles that RHR can help to eliminate.

Our work with senior executive teams harnesses their collective talents to create:

  • Cohesive groups focused on performance and business impact
  • Collaborative teams with clear goals and a defined purpose
  • Strong alignment with the CEO’s agenda
  • A transparent decision-making process
  • Maximized use of time and talent

Leveraging our extensive database of top-team data, we will benchmark your team on all the critical components of senior team effectiveness. Our data-driven approach is both qualitative and quantitative. The comprehensiveness of our diagnostics and assessment offers unique insights and opportunities for growth based on what the most successful teams do. In fact, we have produced groundbreaking research in leading publications on this topic. Our approach focuses on total and sustained performance  of the team—challenging teams to be the best they can be on four dimensions: what, how, who, and why.

Unlock Your Team’s Potential

RHR understands the unique context, challenges, and culture of senior executive teams. Whatever the issues and concerns facing your leadership, we can help get your team on track to successfully execute solutions by:

  • Pinpointing unique issues that block effectiveness
  • Helping the leader and the team align around clear organizational goals
  • Developing transparent decision-making processes
  • Facilitating discussion on priorities and tough issues
  • Leveraging strengths while mitigating derailing behaviors
  • Delivering a team climate of high trust and healthy conflict

Working together with shared vision and values, top senior teams can help to produce top-team performance that ultimately benefits all stakeholders.

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Senior Team Effectiveness

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