RHR Update | Third Quarter 2019
Executive Bench®: Talent Pipeline

Case Study: Identifying and Preparing Future Leaders

By Jessica Foster

A consumer-goods company with a complex product portfolio and a global footprint lacked the pipeline to ensure continuity of senior leadership in the future. Although nearly one-third of people leaders were considered high potential, internal candidates were lacking for most senior transitions. It was clear the company needed a process to identify and prepare its next generation of senior leaders.

Executive development

Learning to Lead in Unlikely Places

By Cristina Jimenez

I love to use analogies in my work, and I share with executives frequently that taking them out of their own world helps them connect to the idea of feedback in both emotional and intellectual ways, making the learning more concrete. Much of my own insights about life and leadership often come from unlikely sources and rarely from a leadership book. One of my favorite sources is my special-needs daughter.

Leading Transformational Change

Jim Barr, Digital & Growth Transformation Leader

By David Astorino

Jim Barr is a C-level leader who has worked with iconic brands as each struggled to adapt to changes in their customer journeys. In addition to driving digital transformations, Jim has been a general manager and president of several multi-billion-dollar online and omni-channel businesses. His experience includes over a decade as a leader in the internet division of Microsoft, two top-ten internet/omni-channel retailers, and three Fortune 500 companies.

executive performance

Are You Prepared for the Top Job at Your Company?

By Joanna Starek

Building or transforming a company is one of the most difficult tasks a leader can take on. It requires vision, courage, discipline, business smarts, and the capacity to build followership. It also takes tremendous energy and resilience. You have landed your dream job—the question now is whether you are up for it. RHR partners with the Johnson & Johnson Human Performance Institute® in its Premier Executive Leadership™program.

Senior Team Effectiveness

Why Feedback Matters in Top Team Performance

By Jane Lim

Senior teams can attain a more comprehensive understanding of their areas for improvement by understanding not only their own views regarding their development opportunities but the views of their stakeholders as well. RHR analyzed data from 25 different organizations, comparing the open-ended responses of more than 170 senior team members to the feedback provided by more than 540 internal stakeholders. There was some alignment in what was highlighted as most important by each group—along with some key differences.




How Directors Drive Managers Nuts

RHR's Paul Winum, co-head of Board & CEO Services, contributed to Boardroom Insider in a piece called, "How Directors Drive Managers Nuts” He talks about the things board members do that sometimes make the lives of managers more difficult.


The Life Cycle Of The CEO: At The Exit Phase

In an article in Chief Executive, Deb Rubin, co-head of RHR’s Board & CEO Services practice, discusses the final stage of the life cycle of the CEO, the CEO’s exit. This phase is the simplest conceptually yet can be surprisingly challenging.

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Building Better Boards: Committee Series

RHR’s David Astorino is speaking at the 2019 Building Better Boards: Committee Series in Chicago on September 10 and 11. David will join a panel with Brad Oates, compensation committee chair for CIT, and Ravi Saligram, CEO and director for Ritchie Bros., about how boards are prioritizing the talent and culture agenda, aligning corporate culture with long-term strategies and creating talent-related performance metrics for the CEO.

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