Accelerating value creation through leadership

Our overarching goal is simple: to ensure you have the right leadership capabilities needed to deliver on your investment thesis. Human capital is the critical factor differentiating deal success, but only if it is fully leveraged and optimized. Across the investment life cycle, we help you stack the deck in your favor:

We're driven by a single-minded intensity: to select and develop winners who perform at the maximum of their potential, individually and collectively. Make leadership and talent your advantage.

Across the investment life cycle

Deep experience and broad service offerings enable us to meet your particular needs and requirements across pre-close, post-close, hold and exit. Our extensive work across industries allows us to get up-to-speed quickly in a wide range of portfolio companies, while maintaining a perspective specific to private equity investing.


We craft a solution that gets you the information you need to make critical choices during the due diligence period. Our involvement ranges from a full assessment of a management team’s ability to deliver key performance goals, to helping private equity deal teams develop stronger assessment capabilities for themselves.


Accelerating a strong working relationship between the private equity board and portfolio company management team drives the ultimate ROI of the deal. By pinpointing potential alignment gaps from the outset, we help minimize distraction and friction. Our range of assessment services provides insight for both the board and the management team to evaluate gaps in leadership capabilities needed to execute against the investment thesis, and advise on how to ready leadership for scale.


Leadership requirements across the hold period vary within the life-cycle of the business, the operating context, and the investment thesis. Our work with portfolio companies runs the gamut of leadership optimization—from CEO succession to highly focused coaching of key leaders—as well as focusing an eye towards bench strength and making senior teams more effective. We get in the trenches with you to ensure you’re fully positioned for success.


Helping CEOs and their management teams navigate through exit, making sure priorities are addressed and that the right conversations are happening—these greatly impact outcomes and value realization. We ensure top-team alignment through exit, providing support to manage through change and help minimize organizational disruption.

We use RHR to evaluate capabilities of management teams, pre-and post-deal. Their understanding of human behavior and PE investing, combined with their experience working with CEOs and management teams, yields sharp and actionable insights to drive positive investment outcomes.

Doron Grosman, Resource Partner—Court Square Capital Partners

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