Creating Sustainable Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging in Organizations

Over the last few months, many leaders and organizations have become increasingly aware that despite the best intentions, their efforts to address diversity, inclusion, and belonging (DI&B) have been insufficient. Recent events have awakened the urgency to do more, differently, and to challenge beliefs, assumptions, and behaviors rooted in layers on layers of systemic and structural racism. This is happening at a much broader level than ever before, and many organizations have been trying to understand how to address DI&B more deeply and more effectively.

Corporate Research Forum - Digital Conference: Re-imagining the New Landscape: Reset, Renew and Thrive

RHR International's Nick Twyman, Lawrence James, and Cristina Jimenez will be conducting a virtual session called "Adapt or Die! How Your Leadership Climate and Culture are Predictors of Business Success" at the Corporate Research Forum Digital Conference: Re-imagining the New Landscape: Reset, Renew and Thrive.

The Whole Picture of Diversity in High-Performing Teams

You look around your table, pleased. Your senior team looks great. Lots of diversity there—not just in gender and ethnicity but also in background, viewpoint, and expertise. And you haven’t just made sure that your members are diverse; you’ve made it clear that everybody sitting at the table is part of the team and that they can make a valuable contribution.

You haven’t just checked the “diversity” and “inclusion” boxes. You understand the value of those elements in fostering a high-performing team.

So it’s all great, right?


Not necessarily.

CHROs Share Recent Lessons in Dealing with a Broader Set of Societal Challenges

RHR has continued to connect with chief human resources officers in virtual roundtables as they navigate through the challenges of the pandemic and the resulting impact on organizations and the economy. CHROs from various industries including retail, food manufacturing, luxury consumer goods, technology, and energy have participated in these roundtables. This current round of discussions revealed that in addition to the practical issues of dealing with uncertainty and the way forward, CHROs are now facing a broader set of challenging societal questions.

Three Highlights from RHR’s CEO Forum on Leading in Today’s Climate

We have been advising our chief executive officer clients individually as well as bringing them together in intimate, transparent forums to share experiences and updates on how they are leading through this phase of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Black Lives Matter movement and social inequity, and ongoing business instability and unpredictability. Here are some themes that have emerged: 

Planning is unpredictable, so plan for the worst and hope for the best, but be bold about how you want to come out of this crisis. 

The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Leader – Scaling Leadership in Real-Time – Part 2

The previous blog post in this series was intended to set the stage regarding the drivers that have accelerated the need for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) leaders to grow their leadership capacity. This series offers DEI leaders a mental model to assess their strengths and gaps. In addition, we believe CEOs and CHROs in search of their organization’s first DEI leader can use RHR’s Readiness for Scale℠ assessment model as a guide.

Reflections on Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging: A White Consultant's Journey to Creating Change

Like so many of my friends, family, and colleagues, I have spent these past few months thinking deeply about racism in our society, wondering how it got to be as systemically entrenched as it is and wracking my brain trying to figure out how we effect meaningful change.

How COVID-19 May Actually Increase Diversity and Inclusion for Many Companies

We know by this blog’s title and what is going on in the world that you might be questioning this entire post and idea. But work with us for a few minutes. Prior to the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery, which have sparked a response previously unseen regarding the issue of racism in America, we were dealing with a crippling pandemic. Most of us have been home for more than 15 weeks (and counting). Many of us have added new skills and roles like teacher, IT professional, tutor, daytime dog walker, and more.


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