Mistakes Leaders Must Avoid to Retain Employees

According to career experts, employees are willing to tolerate a lot from their leader, especially the lower on the totem pole they are, but if it directly impacts their career prospects or their workplace happiness, the good ones won’t think twice about jumping ship.Dr. Paul Winum was quoted in this Glassdoor article that outlined how leaders’ behaviors can help retain key employees or can cause talented executives to leave. Read the article.

When it Pays for the Founder to Take a Break

Conventional wisdom—and outside investors—often demand that founders step aside when a company gets to a certain size. But entrepreneurs typically have different talents and skills than professional CEOs—and sometimes those traits are exactly what is needed. In this Bloomberg Businessweek article, Dr. Joanna Starek, senior partner at RHR International in San Francisco, suggests that companies that are struggling can sometimes benefit from a returning founder’s ability to mobilize employees and revitalize core competencies. Read the full article.


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