Seven Tips for Cultivating Resilience: Part One

The world moves fast, and daily demands on attention and energy can create stress in our personal and professional lives. Over time, stress can contribute to mental and physical health issues, some of them quite serious. While it would be great if we could come up with ways to eliminate stressors, we often can’t sufficiently control our environment to pull this off. So how can we counter the effects of stress? By cultivating resilience.

Resilience is the ability to recover from stress and other negative challenges and to flourish in spite of them.

The Importance of Leadership in Uncertain Times

It is nearly impossible to escape from the unending stream of global unrest, and yet, in extraordinary times people turn to their leaders for guidance and reassurance more than ever before. The Edelman’s Trust Barometer of 2019 shows a global population increasingly pessimistic about the future, and with eroding trust in the institutions that govern the world we live in. Yet, of society’s core institutions (My employer, NGOs, Business, Government, Media), trust in one’s employer remains the most robust.

Johnson & Johnson Human Performance Institute CHRO Summit - Recap

I recently had the honor of attending the first-ever chief human resources officer (CHRO) summit and networking event hosted by the Johnson & Johnson Human Performance Institute (HPI) and RHR International. This was a customized two-day experience at the HPI headquarters in Orlando, Florida to connect with a cadre of 14 CHRO peers from a wide variety of companies of different sizes, ownership structures, and global reach to build personalized performance plans while generating new tactics and strategies to bring “whole-person leadership” back to our organizations. 

Do You Want to Accelerate Your Organization’s D&I Journey? Try the Three C’s

We believe diversity and inclusion should be a journey of the heart but has been overly fought with the power of the mind instead. What does that mean? Generally, organizations follow a distinct and predictable path. The first stage focuses on bringing the conversation to the table, creating space for discussion, and perhaps kicking off initiatives and investing resources.

What It Takes to Succeed in Private Equity

While listed companies have traditionally provided superb training grounds for general managers and future business leaders and are a natural pool of talent for private equity, ultimately a significant number who have thrived in listed companies fail in private equity portfolio firms. Therefore, our assumed models of “what looks good” may not always fit private equity. It is not the same as the joint stock world, legally or culturally. There are certain broad traits that research suggests are important for private equity leaders.

Five Challenges That Can Derail Hypergrowth Start-Ups

RHR has been engaged to advise on leadership and management challenges by venture capital (VC) firms and founders of companies that are engaged in rapid scaling. We have observed that the ability of many of these hypergrowth companies to scale rapidly can be compromised by two factors: (1) the developmental challenges inherent in first-time founders-CEOs and (2) the system inefficiencies inherent in prioritizing speed and growth over building corporate processes and structures.


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