Succession Planning for 21st Century Talent: Part 1

Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is predicting and developing 21st century talent. As always, should you or any of your team fail, the C-suite will disavow any knowledge of your actions. This article will self-destruct in two minutes.

So, you take on the mission. Driving this course is not going to be easy. It will involve making turns at speed, accelerating fast, and at times stopping dead in your tracks. All without the wheels falling off.

Succession planning is a fluid and dynamic state

Humility and Leadership

Years ago, I shared an early draft of a competency model with a Japanese colleague. He responded, “Where is humility on this model? f you have humility, you include customer service, quality, etc.” I replied that customer service and quality were already represented on the model, but that when you norm a model on American executives, humility doesn’t necessarily jump to the top of the list. This remains too true today.

Setting a High Bar for Transformation

The conversation in the chairman’s office was serious. Sitting in high-backed leather seats around a highly polished table, we talked about the readiness or not of the business to change. The chairman was concerned, and indeed a little worried. 

Rather colorfully, he set the scene. “We’ve had the best mousetrap in the business for 57 years and achieved growth and outstanding levels of profitability. The landscape has changed, and we’ve been too slow to respond. As a result, I’m not sure I’ve got the right people to make the journey.”

Developing a Pipeline of Enterprise Leaders: Introducing Scaling for Growth℠

One of the biggest challenges facing organizations is developing a robust pipeline of scalable leaders. RHR’s Executive Bench® suite of services is designed to build the next generation of enterprise leaders. As part of this suite of services, RHR first launched Readiness for Scale℠, an in-depth assessment that pinpoints strengths to leverage and gaps to close in preparation for executive leadership. RHR is now introducing Scaling for Growth℠, a best-in-class executive development program that closes gaps in scalability and accelerates readiness for enterprise leadership. Together, the Readiness for Scale and Scaling for Growth programs provide companies with a comprehensive solution for building a strong pipeline of enterprise leaders.

Employee Turnover: Why Good People Leave

As a leader, it is particularly painful when top talent chooses to leave the company. The loss of these employees can be perceived as a misplaced investment of your time and energy. If you are not careful, your frustration and competitive fire can result in broken relationships. Companies will spend money and effort in exit interviews and counteroffers, only to find that it is too late to reengage. Often, individuals will point to compensation as a reason for leaving, but money is usually just a smokescreen for the real reason. 


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