New Year, New Me; New Year, Improved Company

As we ring in the new year, we may feel as though we’re given a free pass to absolve ourselves from what we didn’t accomplish last year, and to resolve to make this year better than ever before. But sticking to those resolutions is hard work, and just as maintaining personal resolutions takes concerted focus and effort to form new habits, the same can be said for making resolutions stick in your organization.

Great Remote Leadership Part 1: Essential Behaviors

Leading geographically dispersed teams is difficult. Time and again, research and practice have demonstrated the challenges of overcoming physical distance, different time zones, and cultural disparities to engage teams and lead them to accomplish shared objectives. However, we recently worked with a large, high-tech company experiencing unique success engaging, motivating, and managing remote teams.

Leadership Teams in a Time of Disruption: A New Level of Play

In the United States, we are in the midst of championship softball at the collegiate and high-school levels. The teams still in the running face increasing competition and expectations with each win, and continuing to progress requires impeccable teamwork that maximizes each opportunity while minimizing risks. And, as my daughter reluctantly pointed out to me (as she does not like my metaphors and is chagrined to realize she is also drawn to them), it is a great metaphor for the increasing onslaught of challenges leadership teams are currently navigating in their businesses.

Thought Bubbles from Unproductive Senior Team Meetings

There’s that old line, “You’re not paranoid, people really are talking about you behind your back.” If you’re leading a senior team, that’s certainly the case. Once you’re the boss, human nature being what it is, your behavior becomes subject to a heightened level of scrutiny and water cooler conversation. Few dimensions of leadership behavior spawn more arm chair (office chair?) analysis than the way a senior leader conducts meetings. So, yes, they are talking about how you lead in meetings, and yes, suck it up—it’s why you make the bigger bucks.


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