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Individual executives, carefully placed in the right role at the right time, are the building blocks of successful organizations. Each has unique talents, needs, and behaviors that must align with the corporate strategy to drive productivity, innovation, and results. The key is a talent-management program that addresses the dual needs of both the individual and the business. Identifying, assessing, and also creating a pipeline of future leaders is critical.

Measure of Greatness

At RHR, we focus on the psychological aspects of performance. Our ability to provide senior executives with highly nuanced and behavioral insights enables us to more accurately assess an individual’s strengths and weaknesses and customize a development plan to help the individual and the organization achieve their goals.

Our approach:

  • Define the context: organizational, strategic, and environmental
  • Build a customized set of competencies and behaviors for success
  • Gather multiple data inputs: online assessments, industry benchmarking, stakeholder input, and structured behavioral interviews
  • Present consolidated individual and aggregate reports
  • Leverage data for integration and development

Every Confidence

By providing multiple measurements of the probability of a candidate’s success, executive assessment data is invaluable in helping decision-makers select an executive with a maximum degree of confidence that (s)he is the right leader for the job or a high-potential candidate for the future. The process delivers:

  • Enhanced insight for clear decision-making and integration and development guidance
  • A tight link between specific role requirements and the behaviors needed for success
  • Comprehensive assessment input from multiple channels
  • Alignment of business goals and key stakeholders (boards, hiring managers, and HR)
  • Business impact today and in the future through aligned, high-quality leadership

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