The CEO as a Potential Risk Factor

“That's the biggest risk a board has—is if you pick the wrong CEO…”
Warren Buffett
May 3, 2021

Warren Buffett, legendary CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, knows a thing or two about what does and doesn’t make a business successful. He pulled no punches in May. In addition to sharing some of what Mr. Buffet believes are a firm’s biggest risk factors, let me highlight some thoughts of my own.

New Ebook: Building and Sustaining Great Boards: Practical Insights

We are thrilled to announce the release of our ebook, Building and Sustaining Great Boards. Edited by Board & CEO Services co-chairs Deborah Rubin and Paul Winum, this book is a free resource dedicated to providing executive leaders with the tools for building and maintaining high-performing boards. Complete with practical advice and actionable strategies developed from decades of working with boards and senior executives, Building and Sustaining Great Boards contains key focus areas:

The 21st-Century Challenges Leaders Face: We Need a New Global Vision (Part 2)

As you may have already seen in my recent blog, leaders around the world are facing a long list of pressing global issues. We may have a view of what we want to be different and what we want to move away from, but to harness our energy, we will need to build a powerful and compelling shared vision for what’s next.

Why Leaders Avoid Giving Feedback

Imagine this: it’s time for your quarterly performance review. You’ve carved precious time out of your calendar to meet with your manager, gathered any questions you might have, and downed a gallon of coffee the day of. But after weeks of anticipation and mental preparation, all you’re told is:

“You’re doing a great job—keep it up!”

You’d hoped for actionable feedback, not a well-intended compliment. What gives?

Insights from RHR’s CEO Forum on Leading in Today’s Climate: Tensions to Balance

RHR has been leading small-group CEO forums since the beginning of the pandemic. Our participants are primarily CEOs from Fortune 500 companies across a broad range of industries. We have learned much from our clients about how to lead during this turbulent time and have been impressed by the agility of our clients and their teams as most turned around their business performances. But even more so, we have been struck by their thoughtfulness in the face of such adversity. They aspire to have an impact not only on their businesses but also on those powerful forces shaping us all.

Are You Evolving or Becoming Endangered?

From Myspace to Kodak to Blockbuster to taxi cabs, management textbooks are littered with examples of businesses that were blindsided by emerging trends. In many cases, they went from endangered to extinct in the blink of an eye. On the other end of the spectrum are companies that were able to anticipate a seismic shift on the horizon and evolve to capitalize on an industry-leading position.


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