Are You Evolving or Becoming Endangered?

From Myspace to Kodak to Blockbuster to taxi cabs, management textbooks are littered with examples of businesses that were blindsided by emerging trends. In many cases, they went from endangered to extinct in the blink of an eye. On the other end of the spectrum are companies that were able to anticipate a seismic shift on the horizon and evolve to capitalize on an industry-leading position.

RHR Takes Action Against Climate Change and Champions Strong Leadership

While the world’s scientists have known for decades that a warming planet will cause environmental degradation, social unrest, and economic losses, the world’s leaders have been slow to act. Now, we are seeing some of the most catastrophic consequences of inaction and industrial stagnation in the form of severe flooding, super storms, massive fires, unprecedented species extinction, and displacement of people and industry worldwide. 

Edelman and RHR International Announce Partnership to Help Leaders Accelerate Business Transformation

Leading firms will work together to shape leadership impact and create more human transformation experiences

NEW YORK – August 18, 2020 – Today, Edelman and RHR International announce a strategic alliance grounded at the intersection of leadership and business transformation. The union combines RHR’s deep capabilities in executive and organizational development with Edelman’s market-leading business transformation expertise driving value, culture and brand.

The two firms will work closely with C-suite and Board-level clients to reposition firms and their leaders in times of transition, with a trust-driven approach and a focus on a multi-stakeholder audience.

Leveraging Culture and Leadership to Successfully Return to Business

Two key factors are greatly influencing pandemic responses and outcomes across the globe: culture and leadership style. As businesses begin to reopen and return to “normal” operations, it’s vital they understand the roles that culture and leadership play in doing so seamlessly and effectively.


Executive Assessment—More Than a Risk Mitigation Tool

Executive assessment is a commonplace tool used by organizations to make informed decisions on hiring critical talent. There are many variations out there, but most established human capital consulting firms use a multimethod approach. That is, they use psychometric testing to gain insights on problem-solving capabilities and leadership style combined with a biographical interview and experience benchmarking if needed. This data provides insight on fit to role and should also identify developmental gaps and areas of focus for effective onboarding.

Mastering Oscillation: How Peak Performance in Sports and Business Are Related

Witnessing some of the greatest athletes of all time perform at their very best late into their careers should give all of us pause. How do Roger Federer, Serena Williams, and LeBron James—each one achieving Greatest Of All Time (G.O.A.T.) status—maintain the stamina, mental focus, physical prowess, and passion for their sport well into their late 30s, when most others have retired their number and hung up their sneakers?


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