• Why Leaders Avoid Giving Feedback
    By: Grant W. Levitan

    Imagine this: it’s time for your quarterly performance review. You’ve carved precious time out of your calendar to meet with your manager, gathered any questions you might have, and downed a gallon of coffee the day of. But after weeks of anticipation and mental preparation, all you’re told is:

  • The 21st-Century Challenges Leaders Face (Part 1)
    By: Nick Twyman

    “We shape leaders, and leaders shape the world. At RHR, we believe leadership is a noble endeavor. Done well, it is a force for good in the world. We exist to unlock the potential in all leaders.” 

  • Insights from RHR’s CEO Forum on Leading in Today’s...
    By: David Astorino

    RHR has been leading small-group CEO forums since the beginning of the pandemic. Our participants are primarily CEOs from Fortune 500 companies across a broad range of industries.

  • In Search of Truth – Part 1: Information and trust in...
    By: Nick Twyman

    "Beauty is truth, truth beauty,”—that is all Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know. 

  • Advice for Joe: Presidential Behaviors for the...
    By: Steven M. Madenberg, By: Sarah Gilbert

    The world watched on January 20 as President Joe Biden took office to see what signals he would send about the trajectory of his presidency. For those hoping he would take immediate and effective action on climate change, we were not disappointed.

  • Successfully Integrating as a New Leader during COVID...
    By: David Cumberbatch

    It’s your first day of work as a newly appointed executive, and the anticipation is running high. As more and more people join the Zoom call on your screen, you smile and introduce yourself. Everything seems to be running smoothly, but you can’t help but ask yourself: “How can I ensure I put my best foot forward?

  • Leadership Lessons From a Challenging Year

    2020 was a landmark year. “Unprecedented” became the word most commonly used to refer to the unbelievable, challenging, and life-changing events that affected each and every one of us. 

  • Living into Our Purpose: Leadership as a Force for...
    By: Dante Capitano, By: Cristina Jimenez

    Last week’s events in Washington, D.C., were sad, disgraceful, and will leave a permanent scar on what we consider to be one of the most important fundamental concepts in the United States—democracy. When leadership intentionally misleads people, working only in self-interest, bad things happen.

  • Delivering Development in a Virtual World
    By: Grant W. Levitan, By: Jeff Rahman

    COVID-19 has forced businesses to pause and ask what their customers need in this new environment and how to best deliver. New strategies beg for a different kind of talent and a redefining of roles and thus the need to breathe fresh air into the talent development frame and conversation.

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