• Why Startups Fail: Founders are the Real Failure Risk
    By: Joanna E. Starek

    According to CB Insights, only 48% of seed-funded companies will raise another round. If a company secures more investment dollars, there is still no guarantee it will survive. What is happening? 

  • Learning to Lead in Unlikely Places
    By: Cristina Jimenez

    I love to use analogies in my work, and I share with executives frequently that taking them out of their own world helps them connect to the idea of feedback in both emotional and intellectual ways, making the learning more concrete. Much of my own insights about life and leadership often come from unlikely sources and rarely from a leadership...

  • Why Feedback Matters in Top Team Performance
    By: Jane Lim

    The current business environment is more uncertain, fast-paced, and dynamic than ever before. In this setting, senior teams must think critically about what they can do differently or where they might improve to optimize the performance of their teams and organizations.

  • Can You Lead a Private Equity Portfolio Company?
    By: David Astorino, By: Steven Gilbert

    Most private equity firms have high levels of debt. They require constant attention to cash flow, spending, debt repayment, and financial targets so their companies can exit in two to five years.

  • What Has Machine Learning Got to Do with Leadership...
    By: Reece Akhtar

    Organizations invest money in assessing, measuring, and modifying a leader’s behavior in the hopes that a few nudges can push the needle. This is not a wasted effort; there is much evidence to demonstrate that this is a worthwhile exercise. But can we do a better job at identifying and understanding a leader’s talents? Yes.

  • RHR Update Newsletter: Second Quarter, 2019 | RHR...

    RHR International's quarterly newsletter features highlights of blog posts, thought leadership insight, and research studies as well as media coverage and key industry events. Read the RHR Q2 Update.

  • Career Transitions: Tips for a Fast Start
    By: Jeff Kirschner

    One of the most difficult career transitions occurs when you have been a long-term employee of one company and are leaving to move to a new job. The emotions surrounding the transition represent a mixture of excitement and trepidation, coupled with a profound sense of loss.

  • Due Diligence: Assessing a Company’s Change-Readiness
    By: Grant W. Levitan

    This is the second and final part of our interview with Melissa Mounce who is human capital leader, Baird Capital, an RHR client.

  • Assessing Talent for Small “t” Transformation and...
    By: Grant W. Levitan

    Human Capital Leader, Melissa Mounce, Baird Capital This is part 1 of our interview with Melissa Mounce.

  • Leaders, Do You Have a Pulse?
    By: David Astorino, By: Kristen Gilson

    The higher up you go within hierarchical organizational structures, the more powerful the roles become, with the CEO being the most powerful. Our research and experience show that leaders cast long shadows over their organizations. In this way, every single behavior matters when it comes to the engagement of employees many levels below them.