• Change the Story, Change the Actions, Change the...
    By: Cristina Jimenez

    If you are like me and are wondering how it takes only 30 seconds for nine people to die and almost 30 to be injured, then you probably continue to be in shock over the state of violence in the United States. Personally, I avoided hearing or reading about the El Paso, Texas, mass shooting, knowing that the victims targeted were Latinx.

  • Why is Company Execution Suffering?
    By: Steven Gilbert

    I’m a generic sport fan. I have my favorites but want you to continue reading so will keep my biases under wraps. Historically there have been certain teams that have been dominant dynasties. 

  • Naomi Titleman—Talent Strategist, Future of Work...
    By: Guy M. Beaudin

    Naomi Titleman is founder and principal of Collaborativity Leadership Advisory, a Toronto-based consultancy focused on driving progressive talent strategy in this new world of work.

  • Evaluating Your Board: Seven Areas to Assess
    By: Deborah P. Rubin, By: Paul C. Winum

    Conducting an annual evaluation of the board is a requirement of all public listed companies on the New York Stock Exchange and is a strongly encouraged best practice in governance by regulatory bodies throughout the world.

  • RHR Update Newsletter: Third Quarter, 2018

    RHR International's quarterly newsletter features highlights of blog posts, thought leadership insight, and research studies as well as media coverage and key industry events. Read the RHR Q3 Update.

  • Leadership Model: The Default Perspective
    By: Valerie C. Nellen

    By the time most executives reach the C-suite, they have received dozens of performance reviews and undergone at least a handful of 360-degree feedback processes.

  • What's the One Characteristic Leaders and Team...
    By: Kristen Gilson, By: Juleen Veneziano

    It’s human nature for leaders to compare themselves to others—including those on their team(s) who report to them—to assess how similar or different their own skills, abilities, beliefs, or attitudes are.

  • Are You Prepared for the Top Job at Your Company?
    By: Joanna E. Starek

    Building or transforming a company is one of the most difficult tasks a leader can take on. It requires vision, courage, discipline, business smarts, and the capacity to build followership. It also takes tremendous energy and resilience. You have landed your dream job—the question now is whether you are up for it.

  • CEO Succession: Four Tips to Ensuring Success
    By: Deborah P. Rubin

    CEO succession is not an event, but a series of actions orchestrated over the course of several years. The more one anticipates the nuances and implications of early actions and those that follow, the more successful the eventual selection and transition of the next CEO.

  • Private Equity Board-Management Team Relationship—...
    By: Steven Gilbert

    Most relationships begin with an exciting courtship followed by a honeymoon period. Then the hard work begins. We often hear the excitement in the voices of both private equity investors and their new management teams as they focus primarily on all the wonderful opportunities that lie ahead.