• The Body Of Change - Putting the Head, Heart and Hands of...

    Change begins at the top. Most seasoned executives have likely been a part of several episodes of significant organizational change. Mergers, acquisitions, consolidations, system implementations are all examples of complex and difficult tasks requiring disciplined, sophisticated leadership. But few executives have pleasant memories of these “opportunities.”

  • What it Takes to Succeed in Private Equity
    Board and CEO Services, Private Equity

    While listed companies have traditionally provided superb training grounds for general managers and future business leaders and are a natural pool of talent for private equity, ultimately a significant number who have thrived in listed companies fail in private equity portfolio firms.

  • The Perils of Perfectionism
    Executive Development

    While striving for excellence and setting high expectations will generally lead to performance success, leadership is often impaired when less-than-perfect outcomes are seen as failures.

  • Self-Directed Leadership Development
    Executive Development

    Few are willing to make the more demanding commitment that excellence requires—the commitment to relentlessly focus on the small incremental steps that move one toward superior performance. If an executive wanted to strive for excellence, what powerful, everyday steps might be taken, and how can the company support the effort? A simple six-step process can help create the momentum.

  • Retirement - The Final Executive Challenge
    Board and CEO Services, Executive Development

    Retirement represents such a major life change that it is almost always addressed from the individual perspective. A healthy outlook spawns many of the components of a successful retirement.

  • Building a World-Class Board
    Board and CEO Services

    Selecting new board directors is a high-stakes, public endeavor. Given the need for a board to work together effectively as a team, a rushed decision or a mistake could mean years of opportunity lost — or worse.

  • Leading a Matrixed Organization to Success
    Leading Transformational Change

    As markets become more global and businesses become multifaceted, CEOs are increasingly opting for a matrix organizational structure. While the matrix structure offers unique advantages, it also necessitates careful management of its risks.

  • Leadership in Times of Uncertainty
    Senior Team Effectiveness

    It is nearly impossible to escape from the unending stream of global unrest and financial upheaval. And yet, in extraordinary times people turn to their leaders for guidance and reassurance more than ever before.

  • Successful CEO Transitions
    Board and CEO Services

    Failed CEO transitions are costly. Share prices can decline sharply in response to unplanned CEO turnover, let alone the considerable replacement costs. A well-planned transition program is critical to a smooth transfer of leadership, maintaining business momentum, and meeting stakeholder expectations.

  • 20 Questions Directors of Not-for-Profit Organizations...
    Board and CEO Services

    For many directors, dealing with CEO succession might be a new, or at least, infrequent experience. This publication offers guidance to help directors of NFPs of all sizes develop plans for selecting a new CEO from outside the organization and/or for developing leaders internally.