Building a Pipeline of Enterprise Leaders

The path to the C-suite is paved with leaders who failed to make the fundamental shifts needed to lead at an enterprise level. Too often, companies fall back on a traditional path to senior leadership that relies on incremental increases in responsibility. Building a pipeline of leaders who can handle the complexity and pace of senior leadership requires that your organization acknowledge and plan for what is different at the top.

RHR International’s Executive Bench services provide companies with a comprehensive solution for building a strong pipeline of enterprise leaders with its two core components: Our Readiness for Scale assessment, which pinpoints strengths to leverage and gaps to close in preparation for executive leadership, and our Scaling for Growth program, a best-in-class executive development program that closes gaps in scalability and accelerates readiness for enterprise leadership.

Follow the Leaders

In looking at executives, RHR International recognizes that there are indicators 10–15 years in advance that point to who is most likely to rise to the top and why. Whether your goal is to build a bench of talent for a specific role or to build broader capabilities across a range of leaders, our Readiness for Scale assessment can help assess and develop the abilities your organization will need them to deliver.

What Makes a Great Leader?

Redefining what makes someone a leader is the core of what scaling is all about. Successful candidates need to understand that their time, attention, and focus have to shift in new and different ways. In our assessment and development work with high-potential executives, we apply our unique insights into the why of an individual’s behavior to target three core areas of scale:

  • Leading Business—Integrating complex internal and external factors to make decisions in the best long-term interests of the enterprise
  • Leading People—Leading increasingly diverse and dispersed constituents in high-stakes environments
  • Leading Self—Demonstrating the motivation, agility, and personal maturity to adapt to high-pressure, constantly shifting leadership demands

The high-potential executive who can master these core capabilities is well positioned to lead at an enterprise level. However, the ultimate winners will be those companies with the vision for leadership and the will to execute on it.

Readiness for Scale

RHR's Readiness for Scale assessment approach uses our Executive Bench services to develop scalable leaders in a systematic and reliable manner. It is targeted at that critical pivot point when many senior executives fail to make shifts required to successfully lead at the highest levels. By identifying high-potential senior executives early on, we can help them develop the key competencies and behaviors that differentiate C-suite leaders and, in the process, provide you with a strong pipeline of talent for the future.

Closing the Gaps

Armed with individual, team, and enterprise data on the scalability of a group of leaders, the next phase requires targeted investment to close gaps. Our Scaling for Growth program provides best-in-class executive development that accelerates readiness for enterprise leadership. Together, our Readiness for Scale assessment and our Scaling for Growth program provide companies with a comprehensive solution for building a strong pipeline of enterprise leaders.

A Behavior-Based Approach

Our Scaling for Growth program places a primary emphasis on behavior change. Instead of overwhelming people with content, we provide repeated opportunities to practice new behaviors and build new habits, all in the interest of strengthening scalability. Over time, behavioral changes extend the boundaries within which leaders can operate effectively, ultimately allowing them to drive impact in roles of increased scope and complexity.

Scaling for Growth

  • Focus on Building Scalability—Our Scaling for Growth program focuses on the capabilities most essential to developing scalable leaders. Based on extensive research and RHR International’s more than 70-year history of working with senior leaders, these capabilities remain constant regardless of industry, competency model, or the particular challenges an organization currently faces.
  • Tight Link Between Assessment and Development—Through our Readiness for Scale assessment, participants obtain deep insights regarding which areas to target in the interest of promoting scalability. With our Scaling for Growth program, they then have the opportunity to close gaps in scalability.
  • A Compressed Action Learning Project—Our Scaling for Growth program employs a compressed action learning project spanning one and a half days, during which an innovative idea is generated and then proposed to a panel of internal executives for consideration. The purpose of this project is to build strategic thinking and decision-making skills they can then apply with their own teams.
  • Partnership with the Johnson & Johnson Human Performance Institute®—To excel in enterprise-level roles, leaders have to cultivate the physical, mental, and emotional resilience needed to thrive in demanding and rapidly shifting environments. Through a partnership with the Johnson & Johnson Human Performance Institute, leaders in RHR's Scaling for Growth program learn to optimize their energy level and unleash their best performance in high-stakes situations.
  • Timing of Development Plan—Typically, development plans are crafted at the front end of a program. In our Scaling for Growth program, the development plan is built at the conclusion of the program, after participants have acquired and consolidated insights regarding gaps in scalability.
  • Measurement to Demonstrate ROI—Measurement is a cornerstone of our Scaling for Growth program. During the program, participants complete a brief, weekly survey evaluating progress against behavioral commitments. At the 12-month mark, a 360-degree assessment measures changes in scalability, thus quantifying the program’s ROI.
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