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Building Better Boards

By: David Astorino

RHR International's David Astorino, Senior Partner, Practice Areas and Research & Development, was quoted in the Corporate Board Member magazine article, “Building Better Boards.” David outlined how compensation can be determined by using specific metrics.

David Astorino, Senior Partner, RHR International: "Compensation can absolutely be aligned to the kinds of things we want to see often with our senior executives… When you start to tell the story with the board together, as you kind of embark on the journey, you're starting to outline, here's where we are today, here's where we're trying to go, here's the strategy… all the innovation, new growth, new product development, there are metrics you can attach to that. And there are a bunch of metrics you can look at around the human capital side. So, I think you can actually get quite concrete about what metrics you want to look at."

Read the article - pg 48.