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Dannielle Hawk Joins RHR International as Executive Bench® Consultant

August 8, 2019—Dannielle Hawk has joined RHR International as an Executive Bench® consultant based in Atlanta. RHR International is the premier firm in the development of top management leadership of Global 1000 companies.

RHR International’s Executive Bench services provide companies with a comprehensive solution for building a strong pipeline of enterprise leaders with its two core components: a Readiness for Scale℠ assessment, which pinpoints strengths to leverage and gaps to close in preparation for executive leadership; and a Scaling for Growth℠ program, a best-in-class executive development program that closes gaps in scalability and accelerates readiness for enterprise leadership.

Dannielle brings over 20 years of professional experience that includes coaching senior leaders, delivering organizational development solutions, providing diversity and inclusion consulting, and designing leadership development experiences. Dannielle started her professional career in the San Francisco Bay Area with The Gap, Inc., where she helped to launch its global leadership development program across three brands. She acquired deep skills in human capital strategy and change management during her consulting career with IBM Business Consulting Services and Booz Allen Hamilton. As an internal consultant with Marriott International, Dannielle advised vice presidents and senior vice presidents on global organizational design and organizational effectiveness solutions.

"We are pleased to welcome Dannielle to the team," said Dan Russell, the head of operations for RHR's Executive Bench® services. "She brings a wealth of experience and expertise as both an internal and external leadership and organizational effectiveness consultant."

Her industry experience includes hospitality, consumer products and packaging, financial services, and the federal government. Some examples of her work include:

  • Designing and delivering customized leadership development experiences for women leaders for a Fortune 500 hotel lodging company. Dannielle’s session was included in a global program for high-potential leaders transitioning from operations roles to general manager roles.
  • Coaching a senior leader at a leading consumer packaging and goods company over several months during a period of unprecedented change. The leader was able to quickly assimilate into her new leadership role, distinguish herself among her peers on the leadership team, and refine her leadership style. 
  • Helping a financial services company elevate the leadership capacity of its data scientist leaders. She synthesized multiple sources of leadership assessment data to provide clear feedback and actionable development recommendations critical for leaders to advance the organization’s digital strategy.

Dannielle holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Hampton University and a master’s degree in industrial and organizational psychology from San Jose State University. She is certified in the following leadership and workstyle assessments: Leadership Circle Profile, Birkman Method, and DiSC. Dannielle received her coaching training from New Ventures West, an ICF-certified program. Trained in the integral coaching model through New Ventures West, Dannielle applies a holistic approach to coaching individuals, which focuses on shifts in the heart, mind, and body. Her clients appreciate how she is able to help them detect patterns and strengthen their self-awareness skills.

Dannielle is a member of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychologists, International Coach Federation, and the HR Leadership Forum in Washington, DC.


RHR International LLP is an independent global leadership consulting firm whose mission is to unlock potential in leaders. Through its behavioral lens, RHR has worked side by side with CEOs, board directors, and senior executives for more than 70 years, helping them acquire the knowledge, wisdom, and skills necessary to achieve business results.

RHR’s practical solutions, guided by in-depth analytics, lead to business outcomes that further clients’ success. RHR offers Executive Bench®: Talent Pipeline suite of services, Board & CEO Services, Senior Team Effectiveness, Leading Transformational Change, Executive Development, and Executive Assessment across industry sectors. For more information, visit rhrinternational.com.

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