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Dr. Robert Hogan Receives RHR International Award for Excellence in Consulting Psychology

CHICAGO, February 10, 2020—RHR International (RHR), the premier firm in the development of top management leadership of Global 1000 companies, is pleased to announce that Dr. Robert Hogan has received the 2020 “RHR International Award for Excellence in Consultation.” The Society of Consulting Psychology presented the award at the joint SPIM/SCP (Society of Psychologists in Management/Society of Consulting Psychology) midwinter conference in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Dr. Robert Hogan was among the first scientists to lead the charge in moving personality assessment to a well-structured and respected academic discipline. In a study published in the periodical Psychology, he was nominated by his peers in the category of “greatest living psychologist.” In one of the endorsement letters submitted in support of his nomination, Rob Kaiser wrote “It is hard to imagine a modern psychologist who has influenced more peers in science—or more leaders in the world of business—than this individual.  When he started in the 1960s, conventional wisdom held that personality doesn’t matter. Thanks to his tireless efforts, we all know better—and have the tools for assessing, selecting, and developing the right people into the right roles for the right reasons.” 

Dr. Robert Hogan’s assessment instruments have supported the consulting psychology field in predicting behavior for hiring decisions, organizational climate, leadership effectiveness, and effective team performance. Literally tens of millions of people and thousands of psychologists and human resource professionals have used the instruments he built to better understand themselves and their impact upon others.  As a contributor to the literature, he has authored or co-authored more than 300 journal articles, chapters and books. In addition to his contributions in research and development, he has provided consultation to scores of organizations on individual and team leadership issues. Through his efforts, his clients and our entire field have a much deeper understanding of the way to assist leaders in becoming more effective, helping them maximize their strengths and compensate for potential derailing behaviors. He has given us a common language to describe workplace behavior that is understood and resonates with clients. He has furthered our science and our consulting impact by allowing us to filter the real-world experiences and behaviors of leaders through the lenses of personality and motivations.


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