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Motivating Your Most Creative Employees

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Harvard Business Review has published a piece co-authored by Reece Ahktar of RHR International called, “Motivating Your Most Creative Employees." The piece provides data-driven suggestions on what you can you do to manage and retain stars and minimize the gap between what your stars can do and actually do to achieve the highest level of collective output.
According to the Executive Summary: “Decades of psychological research suggests that creative people are quite different from others when it comes to personality, values, and abilities. And managing creative people tends to require special attention and consideration. To keep your creatives engaged, maximize the fit between their natural behavioral tendencies and the role they are in, and then surround them with with good implementers, networkers, and detail-oriented project managers. Few things are more demotivating than being asked to do very easy and unchallenging work, and this is especially true when employees are creative, so be sure to challenge them, and apply the right amount of pressure to projects – not enough pressure will lead to a lack of motivation, and too much of it will create stress that inhibits one’s ability to think creatively. Organizations that provide their most talented people with personalized development plans and mentoring opportunities, and that promote a culture of support and inclusion, will benefit from increased creative performance."
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