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Organizational Strength is Dependent on Talent Culture, says RHR International

Every organization has a Talent Culture, whether explicitly documented or subliminal in nature. Companies that do not proactively manage the talent process risk a culture that evolves into negative scenarios that can directly contradict talent management best practices and interfere with the organization’s ability to build a high-performing leadership team.

In the latest edition of its publication Executive Insight, RHR International outlines the most common Talent Culture pitfalls.

“Companies should take time to diagnose the current Talent Culture to fully understand their starting point and uncover the risk areas,” said Dr. Jessica Bigazzi Foster, Global Practice Leader – Executive Development at RHR International. “Once a company processes this information, they can begin to proactively shape a Talent Culture that best positions the organization for success over the long-term.”

To learn more about developing a Talent Culture that gives your organization a discernable advantage over your industry counterparts, download “Build a Talent Culture That Promotes Leadership Growth” from the RHR International website.

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