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RHR International Introduces New Service: Leading Transformational Change

By: Gregory A. Janicik

RHR International (“RHR”) has introduced a new service called Leading Transformational Change, announced Thomas J. Saporito, Chairman and CEO of the firm. For more than 70 years, RHR has been helping top leaders and their teams transform themselves and, in turn, the performance of their organizations. 

Transformational change is about shifting behavior. Bringing in new talent and capabilities, redesigning structures and processes, and redefining or raising the bar on performance may be necessary during a transformation—but not sufficient. Without a laser focus on the behavioral side of transformation, increased investment and efforts will go nowhere. RHR can help top leaders create visibility and impact across the organization, gain buy-in by aligning themselves and others behind the specifics of the transformation, define and model the transformation leadership behaviors required, and accelerate and cascade change throughout the organization.

Change starts at the top of the organization with the CEO and other senior executives and then flows through the organization. Any gap between change efforts and success is largely due to ineffectively managing and overcoming resistance, breaking the status quo, and adopting new ways of leading and working. RHR’s deep understanding of the factors that allow leaders to accelerate transformational change within an organization helps improve the odds of success.

Dr. Gregory Janicik, a partner at RHR, is the practice leader for the newly developed service. “Transformational change is organization-wide and requires significant shifts in the structure and behavior inside the company,” said Janicik. “Understanding the psychology behind change—how it impacts the execution of change efforts, and what can be done to increase the probability of success when external factors threaten a company’s ability to thrive—is at the core of RHR’s approach to Leading Transformational Change.”

For more information, please visit the Leading Transformational Change page at http://rhrinternational.com/client-services/leading-transformational-change or contact RHR at +1 312 924 0800.


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