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RHR International Introduces Scaling for Growth℠: Developing a Pipeline of Enterprise Leaders

RHR International (“RHR”) has introduced a new program called Scaling for Growth℠, one of RHR’s Executive Bench® suite of services designed to build the next generation of leaders, announced Dante Capitano, CEO of the firm. As the preeminent leadership consulting firm bringing a behavioral-science point of view, RHR helps leaders acquire the knowledge, wisdom, and skills necessary to achieve business results.

One of the biggest challenges facing organizations is developing a robust pipeline of scalable leaders. RHR’s Executive Bench suite of services is designed to address that, says Jessica Foster, senior partner and practice leader of Executive Bench services.

As part of this suite of services, she explained, RHR first launched Readiness for Scale℠, an in-depth assessment that pinpoints strengths to leverage and gaps to close in preparation for executive leadership. RHR is now introducing Scaling for Growth, a best-in-class executive development program that closes gaps in scalability and accelerates readiness for enterprise leadership. Together, RHR’s Readiness for Scale and Scaling for Growth programs provide companies with a comprehensive solution for building a strong pipeline of enterprise leaders.

Scaling for Growth differs from other development programs in a number of ways: it focuses on scalability, there is a tight link between assessment and development, and there is a strong emphasis on behavior change. The Scaling for Growth program employs a compressed action learning project spanning one and a half days. In addition, leaders in the program learn to optimize their energy level and unleash their best performance in high-stakes situations through a partnership with the Johnson & Johnson Human Performance Institute®. In RHR’s Scaling for Growth program, the development plan is built at the conclusion of the program, not at the outset of the program—and measurement is key. For more information, click here.

Please visit the Executive Bench services website page to learn more about RHR’s Scaling for Growth and Readiness for Scale programs. Or, contact RHR at +1 312 924 0800.


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